Customer stories

/whereis #everybody? is installed in Xebia’s Slack workspace. Xebia Group is a collection of boutique IT consultancy units and some software product companies, with over 400 colleagues in the main Slack workspace. Consultancy units are relatively independent, and could possibly do different work for the same companies or departments.

At Xebia, whereis #everybody? is mainly used to keep track of consultancy assignments of employees: the customers they are or were working for. Colleagues can inquire for the companies their team members work (or worked for), and investigate who of them has been working for a specific company once.

Favourable mentions and customer quotes

Oh, super!

A new consultancy unit manager, getting a rundown on the people in her unit.

How can I see who’s currently at that airline?

Wow. Why am I only discovering this now?

A marketing manager, looking for an introduction via a colleague.

By the way, /whoisat help tells you everything you need to know. And “Who’s currently at that-airline?” translates quite naturally to /whoisat that-airline

Nice. Now I know which colleague to contact before writing a new proposal.

An account manager, trying to acquire a new consultancy project.